Apple market capitalization falls while Microsoft tops

The stock price of Apple Inc. fell in the transaction on the 29th. It was overtaken by Microsoft in terms of market capitalization and fell from the top.

Apple fell 3.6% to a market capitalization of about $ 2.41 trillion. The fourth quarter financial results (until September 25) announced on the 28th were below market expectations. It echoed that sales were affected by $ 6 billion due to supply chain constraints. Cook’s CEO warned that the impact could be exacerbated in the October-December quarter, including the holiday season.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has risen 0.7% to a market capitalization of about $ 2.46 trillion. At one point, the stock price reached a record high.

“Compared to other FAANGs with a low hardware focus, Apple’s exposure to supply chain disruption is significant,” said Sophie Lund Yates, an equity analyst at Hargreaves Landsdown.

Microsoft’s stock price has risen by more than 45% since the beginning of the year. According to the first quarter financial results (July-September) announced on the 26th, as companies shift to hybrid work that combines telework and remote work against the backdrop of the new coronavirus epidemic, demand for cloud services has increased and sales have increased. High and profit exceeded market expectations.

Apple’s year-to-date growth rate is 15%.

Apple outperformed Microsoft in 2010 by market capitalization. After that, after repeated changes in market capitalization, Apple has maintained the top position since the middle of 20 years.

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