Microsoft will push Windows 11 to more users who meet the standards

It is reported that Microsoft’s Windows 11 update plan has entered a new stage recently, and it will officially push Windows 11 to more computers that meet the hardware standards, but it will still take some time.

After a period of user testing, Microsoft has begun a large-scale promotion project of Windows 11. As long as computers that meet the minimum hardware standards can theoretically receive the Windows 11 system pushed this time.

According to Microsoft, Microsoft will rely on AI technology to determine whether a computer meets the minimum standards for updating Windows 11, and will push new system updates to computers that meet the standards. However, some users still report that although their computers meet the standards for upgrading Windows 11, they have not received updates.

It is reported that after encountering this situation, users can choose to check for system updates in the settings to get the update push, and if they still cannot get the push, they can wait for the follow-up push from Microsoft, or switch the beta system in the settings.

Windows 11, as the “successor” created by Microsoft for Windows 10, has made considerable changes in UI design. In Windows 11, Microsoft abandoned the iconic tile design of Windows 10 and adopted the acrylic design adopted in the later part of Windows 10 instead. In addition to the main design language, this makes Windows11 have a lot of changes compared to Windows10 in terms of visual texture and some operations.

However, it should be noted that although Microsoft has begun to promote Windows 11 extensively, the previously disclosed standards still exist, and it is still not so convenient for computers whose hardware performance does not meet the standards to upgrade Windows 11.

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