Biden Will Announce the Largest Climate Investment in U.S. history at the UN Climate Conference

U.S. President Biden’s senior climate assistant said on Monday that Biden will try to assure world leaders that the U.S. can fulfill its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half by 2030, even if it does. The key policies for these emissions reductions are still uncertain. Biden will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

US National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy said that Biden is committed to achieving this goal by passing a key budget bill. The bill will release $555 billion in climate spending; after months of intense domestic negotiations, the bill is awaiting a vote in Congress.

“In Glasgow, he will reaffirm the U.S.’s commitment to act quickly and decisively, including through his’Rebuild a Better Future’ framework,” McCarthy told reporters.

“This is the largest investment in the history of the United States in response to the climate crisis. It will enable us to reduce emissions by far more than 1 billion tons by 2030.”

Biden said on Sunday that if all goes well, his “Rebuild a Better Future” climate and social spending bill will be voted on sometime this week.

The House of Representatives has not confirmed a date for voting on the bill.

Biden will also announce a long-term strategy on Monday, explaining how the United States will achieve the long-term goal of net zero emissions by 2050, and announced that he will work with Congress to launch a $3 billion plan in 2024. Help developing countries adapt to and manage the impact of climate change through locally-led measures. 

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