Tencent Cloud officially releases Aochi Cloud native operating system

At the Tencent Digital Ecology Conference site, Tencent Cloud officially announced its distributed cloud strategy for the first time and released the industry’s first global governance cloud native operating system Orca.

It is reported that the Tencent Cloud Distributed Cloud announced this time is the general term for Tencent Cloud’s ability to provide a series of products for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios. It aims to provide users with consistent product services and experience in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios, and through centralized management and control. , Unified management of cloud resources and business applications located in different locations, to help users obtain required cloud resources and cloud services at any location.

Officially released cloud excursion Chi native operating system capable of unified and outside of Tencent cloud server, k Uber netes clusters and other resources, to provide a simple unified management experience and the ultimate resource utilization. And on this basis, Tencent Cloud’s upper-layer products, including databases, big data, etc., are extended to run wherever users need.

Qiu Yuepeng, vice president of Tencent, COO of the cloud and smart industry business group, and president of Tencent Cloud, said: “Tencent Cloud’s native operating system is a single cluster that supports 100,000 servers and one million containers. The number of managed CPU cores exceeds 100 million. It has officially entered the billion-level era. On top of the powerful hardware infrastructure, Tencent Cloud will build ubiquitous cloud services through distributed clouds.”

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