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Seamless Shockproof Sports Bra

Seamless Shockproof Sports Bra

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Breathable Sports Bra: Designed for active individuals, this sports bra prioritizes breathability, allowing air to circulate freely during your workouts. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by excessive sweating as this bra keeps you cool and dry.

Anti-sweat Fitness Top: Say farewell to sticky, uncomfortable workouts with this anti-sweat fitness top. Crafted with advanced moisture-wicking materials, it efficiently absorbs sweat, keeping you feeling fresh and focused throughout your exercise routine.

Seamless Yoga Bra: Experience unparalleled comfort with this seamless yoga bra. Its seamless design minimizes chafing and irritation, allowing you to move freely and confidently through every yoga pose.

Shockproof Crop Top: This crop top offers superior shock absorption, providing you with the support you need during high-impact activities. Whether you're jumping, running, or lifting weights, this top ensures minimal bounce and maximum comfort.


  • Sports Type: Fitness
  • Material: Nylon
  • Feature: Breathable
  • One size: 45-65kg
  • Function: Beautiful back
  • Fabric name: nylon
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Error range: 2cm
  • Crowd categories apply: lady
  • Choice: yes
  • semi_Choice: yes
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