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Shockproof Yoga Sports Bra

Shockproof Yoga Sports Bra

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Yoga Bra Women Shockproof Sports Bra: This part highlights the primary function and target audience of the product. It's a sports bra designed specifically for women who engage in activities like yoga. The term "shockproof" suggests that it provides support and stability during high-impact movements.

Running Workout Gym Top: This part emphasizes the versatility of the product. In addition to yoga, it's suitable for activities like running and workouts in the gym. It functions as a top garment, providing coverage and support during various exercises.

Gathering Widened Shoulder Belt: This feature describes the design of the shoulder straps. "Gathering" suggests that the straps may be gathered or folded in a particular way, potentially enhancing comfort or aesthetics. "Widened" indicates that the shoulder straps are broader than usual, which could provide better support and distribution of weight.

Bra Short Vest Tops: This part further elaborates on the design and style of the garment. It's a short vest-style top, resembling a bra in structure but offering more coverage. This design is common in sports bras, providing support while allowing for freedom of movement.


  • Gender: WOMEN
  • Material: nylon
  • Sleeve Length(cm): sleeveless
  • Item Type: SHIRTS
  • Sport Type: Yoga
  • Choice: yes
  • semi_Choice: yes
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